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  1. By trying to project and glorify the goodness of saints, please never tarnish their image through the usage of the wrong vocabulary which is socially and politically malicious. My grand mother’s grandfather was the chief Vedic teacher to Mahaperiyava during the years1913-15 at Kumbakonam.

  2. the comments are with reference to the live streaming of the Aradhana

  3. Commentary disturbs one slightly. If you want to the domination of brahmins , refer to it os ‘oru kurippitta vaguppinar’ and please do not go on repeating”aadhikka saathiyinar’ and ‘aadhikka saadhiyinaraal odukkappatta’. Everybody knows the greatness of priyava. and the commentary “adhuvaraiyil aadhikka saadhiyinar mattume pangeduththu vandha-something to the effect that before Periyava the mutt activities were dominated by brahmins” is not a proper choice of words and is like a slur on the universal divine spirit of Mahaperiyava. when talking about reforms in the mutt confine yourself to the greatness of the actions initiated by Pudhu periyava and do not draw comparisons.the choice of words has to be carefully done and it should not distract from the divinity of the occadsion. Pudhu Periyava’s gurubakthi was remowned and please repect his sentiments

  4. i had requested shri kumar mama’s phone in my maily yesterday. may i remind again please .jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

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