Sudhan’s 400th drawing

It just looks like I received his first few drawings few months back but believe it or not – he finished 400 drawings so far. It isn’t a joke to draw 400 within 12-18 months and that too with the level of perfection and the divinity he brings out in each and every drawing. Even master artists wonder on Sudhan’s talent. As he says always, it is Periyava who decides what to draw and draws them too.

So many poses of Periyava – in every photo, He is lively and speaks through those drawings. Sudhan’s drawings are maturing day by day, minute by minute and now it has gone beyond our common critic’s plane. He has pushed the bar up very high!

On behalf of the blog, we wish him all the best and pray to Periyava to bless him with everything.


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  1. Wonderful Drawings by Sri Sudan and is it possible to record an interview with him or does he choose to be private ? Dear Sri Mahesh if possible kindly arrange an interview with him .

  2. Awesome!! Keep going !!

  3. Gratitude and prayers for Sudhan!
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  4. Amazing talent !! Periyava Anugraham

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