Quick note about Sri Pudhu Periyava blog


Thanks to SaanuPuthiran for his creativity with the photo above!

As you all know, HH Periyava personally blessed me about 8-10 months back when I expressed my wish to start a blog for Him. Since then I have been posting few articles in the blog in a regular interval. After His siddhi, more and more rare photos, articles are coming in the internet and I am sharing them in that blog frequently. Again, my intention is to consolidate all those in one place for easier access – that’s all. That is how this blog was started in 2009 and til date, this remains as one-stop for all Mahaperiyava info. I would like the other blog to become as one-stop for Sri Pudhu Periyava (with His blessings).

If you want to read about Him, please visit and subscribe for updates at https://srijayendraperiyava.wordpress.com

Also I want to take this as an opportunity to request you all to share any and all rare photos/articles about Sri Periyava. Thanks to Sri Siva BGS, who has been sharing quite a lot of rare photos / events. I am sure so many other devotees have such information as well. If you want to share them with all, please email me at mk.netid@gmail.com.

I have few volunteers who are in the process of helping me with managing the other blog too. With their support, I intend to keep share more with you.


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  1. What a beautiful picture. Heart melts seeing Sri Periyavas . Words are not enough to say how much our Gurus have taken care of us in this Kaliyuga like mother. Missing His ever child like smile. Namaskaram to their lotus feet.

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