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  1. Sai, when people of our taste say that Maha Periva and Pudhu Periva are not with as Sthoola Sareeram and we missed them a lot, all these strike me a bit some times. What the people are not understanding is our Achaaryaas are more vibrant and powerful to bless us in Shookshma Sareeram than Sthoola Sareeram since Shtoola Sareeram has some restrictions to bless openly which Shookshma Sareeram does not. Moreover, if everyone starts to think that they are leaving in our hearts, then no matter of such worries to rise. Don’t you agree Sai Garu?

    • Balaji Garu,

      What you say is true and right. However, I’m neither that mature nor savvy enough to feel that Periyava is all pervading in his Sookshma sareera though I agree and understand that is what it is now. Whenever I go to Kanchpuram I’m used to seeing him in his sthoola sareeram with a big smile on his face and blessing all of us, singing bhajans/slokams with children, blessings for Rama nama note books, etc. I personally feel a big void there.

      I need to wear my specs to even see nearby things clearly, how will I see/preceive sookshmam sareeram that is way beyond my senses? Sorry about the rant but I just expressed what I felt. Rama Rama

      • Sai Garu, I understand your feelings about Him….. However, maturity is matter of combination of circumstance and past experience. It varies from person to person how best one uses accordingly.

        Well I don’t feel anything bad about what you said as ‘rant’. In fact, that shows your Bhakti that laid upon our Perivas.

        I wanted you to cross this ‘bridge of worry’ which was most talked subject in our Vedanta. The time we feel one of our family members is missing among with us, the worry starts. If we think that they are with us but in distance and blessing us all the time, no worry will attack you. Have a faith, THEY will guide us and bless as THEY were. As far as Achaaryas concerned (to me), I am more comfortable with THEM now that no interpreter is required to pass my words to THEM as I can talk directly and THEY are more powerful now to bless all of us. No one now stops me from sitting in front of Adhistaanms and meditate.

        Hope you got it what I meant.

        Jaya Jaya Shankara…… Hara Hara Shankara…..

      • Balaji Garu,

        I’m not sure of the interpreters you are talking about here. Save some circumstances, I believe most of the interactions with our Periyavas are direct for all the devotees. To me it does make a huge difference interacting with Periyava directly and meditating in an adishtanam.

        Also, I understand the ‘bridge of worry’ you want me to cross. To be honest, this Vedantic knowledge will be put to real test when our near and dear ones pass away. Not sure how of us mortals can maintain our equilibrium without losing our composure even momentarily. Easier said than done. Probably you are in that state. I’m not. Rama Rama

      • Brother Balaji
        You don’t need glasses to see and feel these things. All you need is deep bakthi,faith and love. Keep this up and He will talk to you.

  2. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. Pahi Pahi Sri Maha prabho. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

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