A New Series: Maha Periyava in Shri Ra Ganapathy Anna’s Eyes

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Starting tomorrow, Sri Periyava willing, we will start a new series mentioned in the subject line of this post. This series has been compiled by Shri. B. Narayanan Mama and it will be a weekly feature planned to be published every Thursday.

As we are all aware, Shri Ra Ganapathy Anna is synonymous with the word Deivathin Kural and needs no introduction. These  are  excerpts  from  the  various  books  written  by  Shri  Ra. Ganapathy Anna (apart from Dheivathin  Kural).  As  Sri Periyava  Himself  has  said  in one  of  His  dialogues  with Shri  Ra. Ganapathy Anna,  He  has  told  him  ‘cartloads’  of  information,  which  He  has  no  told  anybody  else.

These  articles will  reveal  many  incidents  that  happened  in  Sri. Periyava’s  childhood  and  before  and  after  He  became  Kanchi  Kamakoti  Peetathipathi.

Stay tuned. Rama Rama

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  1. It is no doubt true that Ra Ganapathy was an instrument of maha aperiyava in bringing out the magnum opus deivathin kural It.It is very gratyfying to learn about the proposed forthcoming serial of RA gANAPATHY is another mahabhagavatham no body need to read any other shastra rAMASWAMY

  2. Just now before seeing this I thought. I am 62. In those days Ra.Ganapathy ji know me. , by letters to him and by his replies. One important matter i want to mention is Ra Ganapathy , finally wrote a series of articles about Maha swamigal, in GOPURAM SPECIAL , These are apart from his Divya Vidya Trust publications 5 volumes. Some rare incidents were there. If you are able to trace and make them to public, it will reach all. Year i am not able to remember

  3. Mahaperiyava Charanam. Thank you so much….We are eagerly waiting for the blessings.

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