How to destroy our Ego?

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Sri Periyava not only talked but walked what he said….well HH went even way beyond that. As his devotees we should at-least follow some of what Sastras said (which he pleaded with us). One way to keep remembering is by looking at the following picture every day, try to practice simple living, shedding our ego, and desires that keeps cropping up time and again. A key quote to note below. Rama Rama

“People are interested in doing Utsavam, Bikshavandanam, Kanakabhishekam, Peetarohanam, etc. for me and sing my praises. The same gets published in the media. Is there any point in this? Our goal should be to execute what is told in the Sastras. That is the real Utsavam, Bikshavandanam, Peetarohanam, and Kanakabhishekam for me.” –  HH Sri Kanchi Mahaswamigal

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  1. This photo is drawn by some good artist and it comes in this blog as picture many times. Just want to know where is this place, where Mahaperiyava is taking a little rest?

  2. மனது கனக்கிறது .

  3. I remember listening to His farewell speech in Chennai in this blog where he lovingly castigated devotees who told him in private that people aren’t following his advice by quoting how samarta ramadass Living in Forest was able to protect kingdom

    Thank you for posting that original farewell was heart warming to hear Him say neenga veru naan veru illai. Advaitam.

    He said by upanyasam (which i include blogs) nothing permanent will happen suggested only one thing , reflection. I took it as this. In solitutde , knowledge of what has been said in smriti and if possible sruti and reflecting on what we do , is all that is needed. Change is the fruit. Reflection is seed.

    I am grateful to you for all you post here. For most days, thus is my North star

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