Small video clip on Kalavai

Kalavai Thulasi-2

Thanks to Smt Prab Vaidy for FB share.

There is nothing more beautiful to hear certain things from young vidhyarthis. Here is one on how Mahaperiyava became Peetadhipathi.


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  1. Respected Mahesh can you try sending the mails on this e mail too it is training myself to receive the mails in india too as my present email is so when I leave dubai I should be able to get my mails without any hindrance thanks mrs prema surendren

    • Unfortunately, I can’t do that. You need to subscribe your new email id also in the blog to receive mai l there. Once you start getting you can unsubscribe the other email id. If you’re not too familiar with is process, pl ask someone near you to help.

  2. What a blessing for all of us!!!
    Anneka koti namaskarams to all our periyavaa’s.

  3. வேதம் படிக்கிறபோதே அதுக்கே உரித்தான ஒரு தேஜசும் தெய்வீகக் களையும் வந்துடும் போலருக்கு ! சங்கரா !

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