Sri T N Ramesh – Crusader of Temple Heritage


Sri TN Ramesh is the name that will be remembered by Chidambaram dikshitars for generations for his selfless fight to save Chidambaram temple from the clutches of HR&CE department.  It is not not just that temple – Ramesh has been relentlessly fighting to protect several temples in TN from all the wrong-doers. It isn’t an easy task to do. Although he is a lawyer by himself, taking up this risky task to fight against the muscle power is something unique. It is clear that he is blessed by Parameswaran Himself to wage such war – without that winning Chidambaram case wouldn’t have been easier. I remember him explaining to few of us those tense moments in the Supreme Court and particularly the divine play of using one specific clause/word during the discussion that turned the whole case down and made it in favor of dikshitars. He mentioned that he saw Parameswaran right at that moment in the courtroom. Thanks to Hindu for a nice coverage. Until I read this article, I did not know that HR&CE attempted to take over Ayodhya mandapam too…

We pray Kanchi Acharyas to bless him with all the health, courage and support needed to carry out this fight until the end goal is achieved.

Our sincere thanks to his service and our humble namaskaram to this great man!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!

T.N. Ramesh is a relentless crusader against violations and irregular practices in temple administration

It is four years since the landmark judgment was passed in favour of Pothu Dikshithars of the Chidambaram Sabanayakar temple. The man behind the case has been a crusader for the preservation of heritage structures, especially temples. T.N. Ramesh has taken on the HR & CE Department in several temples and on several issues across Tamil Nadu. A promise he gave Sri Dayananda Saraswati a month before his passing that he would dedicate his life to the protection of Hindu temples and architecture gives him the strength. [Click here for more….]


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  1. I remember he is Mr. T.R. Ramesh, not TN Ramesh…I salute this Great Man for his service for our Dharma..

  2. ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

    Ayodhya mandapam where Sri Maha Periyava temple is there and ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா is always there and Sri Hanuman temple is there, nothing will happen,

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  3. This is happy news. Chidambaram temple has been an eyesore for many elements [ not just the HR&CE dept but even some so called devotees] in Tamil Nadu because it follows Vaideeka worship, and not Agamic. There was a case even in 1871 in the matter in the Cuddalore Dist Court. Then a Dikshitar , giving evidence, cited verses from a then unknown Tamil work ,more than 500 years old. It clearly said that in Chidambaram temple the worship was conducted by the learned Vaideeka Dikshitars. The clinching line is:

    வேத நூன்முறை வழுவாமே தினம்
    வேள்வி யாலெழில் புனைமூ வாயிர
    மேன்மை வேதியர் மிகவே பூசனை புரிகோவே
    (It was then found that these lines were from a hymn beginning “தாது மாமலர்” from a work known as Tiruppugazh which was then confined to palm leaves and unpublished. It was after this that a pious devotee collected the work from palm leaves scattered in different villages and published them in 1895.]

    The same matter was stated by Tirujnanasambandha in different words more than 1000 years ago:

    ஆடினாய் நறு நெய்யொடு பால் தயிர் அந்தணர் பிரியாத சிற்றம்பலம்
    நாடினாய் இடமா நறுங்கொன்றை நயந்தவனே ……

    But whatever the historical tradition and evidence, there have been mischief makers in power. Astikas have always to be alert and active. It is here that services of such brave and knowledgeable fighters like Sri Ramesh become invaluable. We bow to him.

    The larger issue is the matter of a so called secular government running Hindu temples. All Hindu temples have to be freed from govt control and intervention.
    In Tamil Nadu there is also the matter of smaller temples being demolished/put into disuse by the HR&CE dept officials. The Vigrahas are stealthily removed. They have eyes on the property of these temples. [ The idea is this: Hindu temple Deities are persons in whose names property can legally exist. If the temple does not exist, the Deity cannot be identified and the property can be swallowed.]
    So we asthikas have to be vigilant. We have to join hands and support the work of men like Sri Ramesh.

  4. Madurai Meenakshi temple – there was fire in the temple yesterday.About 35 shops gutted,many stored temple articles burnt,many pigeons were burnt alive ..frequently in this temple mishaps are taking place .All the incomes of the temple are misused- they say.No proper maintenance,no proper governance .The government does not look in to all these.Some drastic steps to be taken to guard our temples and the shops inside the temple pose a great danger to temples.Temples are NOT commercial complex.It is meant only for ASHTIKAS and temple worshipers.
    Some one should initiate steps urgently to set things in order.The sanctity of the temples is essential God alone can save our temples.

    • True,
      But the only way this can happen is by electing honest devotees of good standing to the management trusts of such huge temples.
      Only in Tamilnadu the temples are systematically looted by the Political Class of all hues and colours.
      Lets hope and pray for the dawn of a better era,

  5. May Mahaperiyava bestow him more strength to ward off the evils. Temple worshippers should form association in every temple to keep the nefarious political designs at check. This is the topmost priority for all of us.


  6. Long live the Crusader Shri Ramesh!! Rama Rama

  7. Great Man. May Mahaperiyava Bless him with abundant strength and resources to fight the battle against such evils.

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