Sri Sri Sankaracharya Speaks – An Exclusive Interview By Sri A.S.Raman – August 18, 1963 – Illustrated Weekly – Part 7

Do you think there will be another World War? What are your suggestions regarding the perseveration of peace? How can the ever-deepening racial and religious antagonisms (White vs. Black, Arab vs. Jew, Hindu vs. Muslim, etc.) be checked?

H.H.:  I am not a prophet. But perhaps I need not be one to say that the Third World War will be the last World War. For after this, there will be neither any world left nor wars. Thanks to their nuclear armaments race, neither Russia nor America will be rash enough to destroy each other and the world. The next war, if it ever breaks out, will not last more than two days. Love, tolerance, understanding, a spirit of compromise: these inspiring ideals must provide the basis for whatever decisions a particular national government takes vis-à-vis other countries. Then an easing of tensions will inevitably follow and the prospects of world peace brighten.

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