Should I do navagraha homam?

Found this article in one of the Tamil daily magazines when I was in India last week…Here it is…

Key message is how one should focus on individual progress before taking the route of navagraham etc. We miss the core message and go all over the world for solution.


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  1. For all non Tamil readers (translation of above Tamil text)

    Family is a temple

    A person came to Sri Matam, Kanchi. He had several domestic problems; someone is suffering with disease, no perfect matching for his daughter, always quarrel with wife and children. No peace of mind at all. He wanted to get clarified from Maha Swamy that as to why he faces so many problems altogether.

    He said to Him, “I met Astrologer for solution, he asked me to perform Navagraha Homam to get rid of problems. I just want further confirmation from you Maha Periva”.

    He stared at devotees face for few moments, “If you perform Navagraha Homam, no guarantee that you would get good result but definitely it won’t fetch you bad result’, said Maha Periva and left the place.

    The devotee is utter confusion now. ‘He wants me to perform the Homan or not?’

    The devotee requested the one of the volunteers in the Mutt that whether he could ask Maha Periva again for better understanding. He agreed and got inside the Mutt.

    Maha Periva now explained to the volunteer. “Look, if we want good things in our life always, we should also behave like that towards others. We have elders and aged people at home, have we ever spoke kind words with them? Is wife born to bear all your abusive languages all the time? Is it not to fair to have some lovable words with your wife who sacrifices her entire life for your family? Don’t we have moral responsibility to spend some time and speak kind words with our parents? Why we use abusive language to our housemaids too? If somebody seek alms, what you lose if you spare some money? Don’t you have courtesy to treat well your guest at your home? If you follow all these, then your family come out of all problems. Do Navagraha Homan later, is that clear now?” Maha Periva fired the devotee at one single stroke.

    The volunteer just reproduced the same to the devotee what Maha Periva said to him.
    The devotee, with tears on his cheeks rolling down, ran towards Maha Swamy and fell on His feet. “Swamy all that you said was absolutely right, I have all these bad qualities and I will change myself henceforth”.

    Maha Periva blessed the devotee with merciful words.

    (I did my best, any error or omission found, please excuse me)

  2. True.
    People give too much of importance to Pariharams now a days.
    Mahaperiyava has repeatedly stressed that performing your duty to your family and society along with devotion to the Divine is sufficient to drive away all evils.

  3. OM it is purely based on personal judgement .

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