Bhuvaneswari Amman Peetam @Pudukottai


I am sure many of you are aware of this place. Beautiful temple and the murthis in this temple are so huge in size and the mastery of the work is seen in the perfection of the features in the vigrahams…Once you’re in you won’t feel like coming out. Ashtadashabuja durgai is so divine! Although I have been here in the past, only in this trip, I took my time to stay and enjoy the temple. Hence the share!

This video was made by the peetam and covers very nicely all the murthis. This peetam has close connection with Sringeri Matam – I dont know the history.

If you happen to go to Pudukottai, don’t miss to go to this temple and Brahadambal sameda Ghokarneswarar temple. This ambal is called “araikasu Amman”.

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