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After almost 3 years of our association, San & I finally got to meet in person in Chennai. As you all know, Sai has been doing a fantastic job in the blog and it is all Periyava’s anugraham by sending such a great person to support the blog. Although I could write a lot about Sai, due to his request and privacy reasons, let me say it in a 1-liner “He is one of the few folks who follows what Mahaperiyava had said in Dheivathin Kural to greater extent possible”.

Sai has relocated back to India recently to join his family. Having him in Chennai tremendously helps me/us to do more kainkaryam on behalf of the blog. He very diligently works with several patasala, ghosala. I hope to leverage his presence to step-up our kainkaryam in 2018 and beyond. I enjoyed spending time with his beautiful family. Thanks Sai for hosting me with great hospitality.

Million thanks to Sai for his selfless support to this blog. May Periyava shower His blessings upon Sai & his family.

Sai wanted to stay away from social media and I took the liberty to post this photo as we, all the readers of the blog, should know the face behind the name – particularly the one doing a great job!



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  1. Great to know about a good soul working selfless, always behind the screen!! thanks Mahesh for sharing his picture here. Periyava sharanam.

  2. Thanks for showing the face of both the pillars of this Virtual Temple.
    I have been communicating with Sai (being a member of his translation team) for some time now, but this is the first time I am seeing both the (Youthful) faces.
    And it is more surprising that the to of you have never met earlier.
    May Mahaperiyava bless you both withe ‘Shreyas’.

  3. Glad to see the Darshan of two great persons in the service of God Mahaperiyava – I would have been more happier to see Shri Mahesh with some vibuthi on his forehead!

  4. Dear Sri.Mahesh,
    We are all thrilled to see Sri.Sai with you.Please accept our best wishes and gratitude for such a wonderful experience that you are giving to us.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Thanks for posting the photos. Mahaperiavaa saranam.

  6. May GOD bless and let the good service grow. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam


  8. which of the two gentleman is Sai;the other would be Chicago Mahesh.i have seen neither of them in photos;in anycase i do not recollect.please guide.

  9. Glad to see you, Sai Srinivasan. Thanks Mahesh, for sharing the photo. By Mahaperiyava’s Grace, wish your efforts bridge more people across the Globe to cherish His Blessings.

  10. Welcome back Sai. I am very happy now to see the other selfless atma who was at backstage so far.
    Thank you Mahesh.
    Hara Har Sanakra ! Jaya Jaya Sanakra!

  11. thanks for the great the team is doing behind the scene. Because all of you we all of them are able to read and experience mahaperiyava blessings

  12. No wonder that by Sri Maha Periva’S grace, all true devotees of Maha Periva ,devote themselves for good spiritual LEARNINGS and practice.we love those who respect and follow Sri Maha Periva .best wishes To Sri Sai & Sri Mahesh.

  13. Great. Periyava charanam.

  14. Jai Ma

    Pranam to the most holy Gurus and to all bhaktas.

    How wonderful to read this post and also to see faces!

    As far as one may dare to interpret SriSriMahaswamigal’s wishes, and that of His beloved Mettur Swamigal, for the past many decades it has been our effort to work for and with the toddy palm tappers of Erode and Ramanathapuram, as well as in the most impoverished areas of district Nadia, hallowed by the pada renu of SriSriChaitanya Mahaprapbhu.

    We are are true non-profit, in that there are ONLY 2 persons working without pay, this writers stationed in the USA, and on his deathbed, and another at Erode. Both have offered whatever the holy Bhagavan has sent their way to this work. Hence, it is not a plea for anything except a plea to tap into a wider network of devotees of SriSriMahaswamigal.

    We are not Tamils, hence language is a barrier to some extent, and cultural exclusion by the higher classes most certainly is. So be it, as SriBhagavan wills.

    I am originally from Nadiya, Bangabhumi and the gentleman at Erode is a brahmana from SriDhama Ayodhyapuri.

    The taala, or toddy palm, Borassus flabellifer, has been foundational to the Tamizh culture so beloved of the holy SriSriMahaswamigal. Sadly, there is NOT ONE SINGLE group or person today that is seriously interested in this species, not evn TANU, despite lip service. Not even the Shiv Nadar Foundation, allegedly funded with $10 billion, and devoted to spreading education, healthcare, etc. among the underprivileged. Apparently, all of these mission goals are irrelevant when it comes the sorry state of palm tappers.

    There has been a sad prejudice against the taala palm amongs the higher castes in TN for ages. A brahmana who is found within a palm grove is deemed to have consumed alcohol and must undergo prayashchitta, according to some.

    The holy SriRamanujacharya has forbidden all sugars derived from ALL PALMS for use by SriVaishnavas. More on this later, as today, sugarcane has become a monster, devouring the water resources and social fabric of Indian and arid southern India in particular. Karnataka, TN, and Kerala are embroiled in bitter water wars, in part driven by the insatiable thirst of the cane industry.

    Sadly, and this should be communicated to the most holy Jeer of SrisriAhobilam, the refined cane sugar happily consumed today by all classes often is refined by BONE CHARCOAL. Often enough, though not compulsorily in all cases.

    SrisriMahaswamigal made us aware of the gelatin sneaking up unawares in many products commonly being adopted in modern life.

    So also, please be aware every time you use REFINED CANE SUGAR, what goes into the bone charcoal that often is used to whiten it.

    There are many sincere devotees of SriSriMahaPeriyava situated around Coimbatore and Erode. We should be grateful for the blessings and goodwill, and hope they will drop in to our villages and see what is being done and how much more could be done.

    Our most recent effort will be to pray for the arrival of a VECHUR Gomata and her male partner, from an established center in Kerala.

    Why? The milk from this small breed is famed for its Ayurvedic properties. We hope to begin in our village a small model of value-addition to labor in this arid Kongunadu region where crop raising is often risky. For example, a groundnut crop can fail for many reasons, e.g. untimely drought or disease, whereas that same groundnut or cowpea crop, even in the immature state, can become excptional fodder for a cow whose milk can be transformed into some even more marketable product.

    We are hoping to start small home-based cottage industries producing cosmetics baed upon milk and cow urine. We already have a person very well-trained in these arts from a reputable source. As you know, milk soaps are a big thing in the USA. It is only when we add the term “gomutra” to any product do people begin to snigger. WHY? I am sure that readers here will appreciate the values of ALL SIX PRODUCTS of the HOLY GOMATA, as advised by the shastras.

    The advantages of transforming milk, etc. into higher value products with good demand in the smaller towns of Kongunadu

    1. no fear of spoilage, as with food products

    2. using locally-sourced additional products like sesame oil, palm sugars, turmeric, local herbs

    3. reduce dependence as far as practical on market-based or purchased inputs and maximize home/farm-based or local imnputs

    4. even out seasonality factors in availabilty of labor and need for employment at nadirs

    5. ability to exploit seasonal/market movements and locations of higher demand

    6. women with children, and older people, can work together in the same family at their own pace, as per their own need. In southern Bharatavarsha, the international shoe industry has recognized the role of these home-based workers in achieving multiple goals. We are not comfortable with the factory models that separate parents from children and the multiple generations from each other, disallowing the complex learning necessary for children to become truly acculturated and educated in a real sense.

    7. encourage local markets and marketing chains, growth of traditional knowledge systems

    All of your blessings and any practical suggestions are welcome. You are all welcomed to visit us, please contact Arun Pandey, arkpan25 at gmail dot com.


    Hare Srinivasa

  15. Great to see the persons behind this wonderful and divine blog. Thank you.

  16. Very true… Kudos to you both for doing a wonderful job.. you are an inspiration to all of us.. Periyava Sharanam 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  17. Please follow your friend, return to Bharath.

  18. True Mahesh Garu you very rightly said –

    “….the readers of the blog, should know the face behind the name – particularly the one doing a great job!”.

    For me, you both deserve the kudos. You people are remain like a bridge between thousands of Maha Swamy disciples across the globe. A word of thanks would not suffice for your great job. Maha Periva’s continuous blessings will shower on both of you forever.

  19. Radhekrishna great to Sai the behind screen supporter of Sri Mahesh Periyavaa charanam

  20. Great…Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

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