Receipts for 2017 Donations


All US donors –

In the last week of December, on behalf of KGF, we sent out receipts to all donors for whom we had email addresses. There were few donors whose email addresses were missing. Please let us know if you are one among them and provide your email address for us to send out the receipts.

We have implemented a proper accounting application to manage our contributions and sending out receipts have become fairly straight-forward. Any donations with an email address will automatically receive statements at the end of the year.

All India donors –

Please let us know if any of you are missing receipts for your donations.




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  1. Sir

    Please find below details of transfer
    Your request on 12/04/18 to pay Rs.4000 from account X5115 to SRI PRATYAKSHA CHARITABLE TRUST was accepted. The Reference Number is CITIN18846795621


    Satish Ramachandran

  2. We did not receive the receipt for donation made in the name of swaminathan (my husband)from the email I’d and also since we shifted our residence ,we are not getting the prasadam as well .please do note the the change in our address ,it is 806 Taylor way,collegeville,PA19426 thanks

  3. I didn’t receive the receipt. Please send the receipt to if you already generated the receipt, else I don’t need one. Thank you for great service done for the mankind.


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