How to take snanams in temple tanks?


I was in Thiruvarur couple of days back and was accompanied by a local person (my friend’s father-in-law), who was kind enough to help me with getting darshan of swami and ambal..When we approached the tank, I went ahead and was about to put my feet into the tank. He stopped me and taught me how to do it in a proper way.

  1. Do a self-prokshanam
  2. Do a namaskaram to the holy water
  3. Take handful of water and pour it on the steps
  4. Wet your feet by keeping them on top of the water you poured it on the steps
  5. Finally, put your feet in the water

I am sure many of you know this. As always, sharing whatever I learnt today 🙂

What a fantastic temple it is! It reminded me of Kasi as you can see shivalingams everywhere inside the temple. Temple that is so important for both swami and ambal. Ambal is sitting in a very unique yoga pose.

Thyagesa! Aroora!!!

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  1. Mr Mahesh
    Thirimeeyachur Lalithambal temple tank renovation is complete, thanks to your efforts. Theerthavari is going to be held shortly , I think on the Rathasapthami day. Gurukkal mama has lost your number and wanted me to inform you. His phone number is 9444350759.
    Wish you a wonderful time in India.

  2. Hare Krishna. One learns a lot from these blogs and particularly the one Shri Mahesh is putting up. Also, the readers’ views provide some more clarity which have been left out in the main blog and therefore they have also to be thanked for their contributions. I am sharing this in the Facebook and whatsapp group for the benefit of devotees. Once again I thank Shri Mahesh and others who wrote their views. Hare Krishna. Ramamurthy Venkateswaran from Bangaluru.

  3. Mahesh, Good steps to worship before the Divinc temples, existing over 1000 of years with heritage value, specially the Thiruvarur temple tank. The salutations before proceeding to place our footsteps in the tank is a must, because, we have the fortunate time to visit such places.

  4. Thanks for Sharing such an important info. I shall also share such info to my friends.

  5. Only blessed souls get anugruham to visit such ancient temples. You are one among Mahesh Garu.

  6. Thiruvarur Kamalambika sitting posture is very unique!! This is known as Kuttikasanam!! One knee on anothere like a pinnal it looks! She is very beautiful! Thousand eyes we need to have Her darshan! You are blessed Mahesh! All the Shri vidhya upasakas need to have darshan of this temple as Here only Akshara peetam is having all the manthra beejaksharams!

  7. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. dear mahes, you have mentioned tiruvarur instead of tiruvaiyaru inadvertantly. Sri Sundaresa Dikshithar who is the elder son of Musiri Peryavaa is living near South Gopuram (aatkondar sannidhi…kunkiliyam offered in the fire )..Dikshithar has performed

    over fifty saptha soma yagnams at Yagasalai on the banks of Cauvery.It would have been nice had you visited him…





  9. Thanks Sri Mahesh. I did not know about it. I learn everyday from this blog.

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