Not to miss short upanyasam by Smt Ram Ram mami

A wonderful, short upanyasam on various Dharma Sookshmas for following in our daily life by Vaideega Dharma Maarga Darsini – Smt Prema Krishnamurthy (also called as Ram Ram Mami).Video from Sri Maha Periva Aradhana held by Kanchi Periva Forum at Mylapore Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple, Chennai on Thursday 14 Dec 2017. For further details visit or

Important note: Take the good thing from this video. If you do not agree to certain things – just leave it. Dont add any comments criticizing the mami or her intents. In my opinion, whatever she tells here are almost 100% doable by all of us. Regardless of my opinion, let us not debate about it.


Categories: Devotee Experiences, Periyava TV

3 replies

  1. Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. excellent speech

  3. Excellent speech. What an eye opener!!!

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