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The anti-Hindu activity in TN is becoming out of control. After JJ’s death – all these anti social element has come out of their dungeons. Let us all pray to Mahaswami to end this menace soon by bringing a stable Hindu government in the state.


A group of youngsters vandalised the Kanchipuram Railway station on Friday night leading to tense moments in and around the temple town. Activists reportedly belonging to Periyar Dravida Kazhagam, Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi (VCK) and a faction of the Maoists vandalised the railway station and defaced the paintings of Adi Sankaracharya, Ramanujar and Kanchi Kamatchi Temple displayed in the railway station.

Since there were no policemen around, the activists had a free run. One of the VCK leaders in his social media posting claimed responsibility for defacing the paintings. “We will get the symbols of Hinduism removed from all public faces. Gradually we will remove the religion itself from the country,” said the posting in Tamil.

The railway station was being renovated and re-painted as part of the Pilgrimage Tourism announced by the Government of India, according to sources in Southern Railway. “Kanchipuram and Velankanni railway stations were being renovated as part of this programme. While Velankanni station would feature the paintings of the famous church, Kanchipuram station was expected to have the paintings of Sri Sankara, Ramajunar and the temple,” said  KT Raghavan, BJP spokesman.

Arjun Sampath, leader of Hindu Makkal Katchi, condemned the act and alleged that it was the continuation of the    exhortation made by VCK leader Thirumavalavan to his aides to demolish all temples in the country. “There has been an increase in the attacks on Hindu places of worship after his call to his followers,” said Sampath.

He said the paintings of Adi Sankaracharya, Ramanujar and Kamachi Temple were displayed in the station taking into account the cultural and historical importance of Kanchipuram. “We also have a painting of a dargah in nearby Nagur railway station,” he said.

Police have registered a case and efforts are on to restore the paintings.

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  1. There is one big weapon against all these atrocities against our dharma – the Rama Nama taraka manthram.. Maha Periyava has heavily endorsed this. If more and more Hindus, whenever possible recite Rama nama, nothing can harm Hindu dharma. Just imagine if all the Hindus in our nation say it whenever possible, can anything touch us?

  2. 🙏 SRI SRI SRI Mahaperiyava devotees need not lose their temper and react expressing anger in pungent words and savage retaliation.
    After submitting the matter at the hands of judiciary we have to immerse ourselves deeper into prayers pleading SRI SRI SRI mahaperiyava Himself to guide us to follow the right path and get the atrocity nullified and annulled in the appropriate justifiable way.
    I confidently trust HE will Bless us with the fitting solution and dispel the insanity from the stupefied minds of the miscreants 🙏 SRI SRI SRI Mahaperiyava has witnessed several such aggressions from atheists in His days.Later we have seen the same atheists transform,repent and hail SRI Mahaperiyava Himself.
    After all,we have seen how malicious deamons like Sisupalan and Hiranya ghasibhu antogonised and abused Sri NARAYANAN but fell at His feet in the end 🙌
    These are testing times that call for intense prayers in this auspicious Dhanur Masam 🙏
    Mayapirapparukkum sri Mahaperiyava ADIL potri 🙏

    • Exactly sir…Always have to maintain our sanity..not get lost in this mayhem….these are all political stunts..any revolt from us will serve their purpose…As you rightly said, after submitting this issue to hands of courts…we have to pray mahaperiayava….he will guide us and also those ignorant guys..I strongly believe they will reform…Mahaperiayva Charanam…Sarvavyaapi..His feet will wash away all the ignorance and sins..

  3. Very sad to read….. TN has become heaven after JK in India for such atrocities against Hinduism. Get ready for seperatism and hate speech soon, if these things were not curtailed or crushed in the budding itself. Unity of Hindus is the only way to tackle this.

    • Dear Balaji,

      “Unity of the Hindus ” or of any people could come only, when :

      (1) All read the sacred scriptures together (or at least a very common portion of scriptures together). Today there is any hardly traditional math as which are ready to teach even the aphorism “Satyameva Jayate” and its meaning to all.

      (2) Many traditional mutts still insist on separate dining spaces for Brahmins and Non-Brahmins etc.

      (3) It is easy to criticize outsiders, but how many of us have the courage to preach (if not follow) the contents of “Manisha Panchakam” to all. What is wrong if a new custom is started to recite “Manisha Panchakam” (along with local language translation) in all Mutts?

      • Namaste Anant Garu

        I know what you mean, I could read between the sentences, but please understand why Brahmins and Non-Brahmins are separated in few Maths still today (it was the tradition in all Maths once) is, to start and completing process of eating, way of eating, etc., were definitely different from these twos once. Now things are changing slowly and one day all will sit together, no doubt.

        We, among us, fight, sort out our issues, share thoughts, etc. are different. It’s within the family. When Sanatana Dharma people being tortured by outsiders, stay united.

        Sanatana Dharma never told or practiced any Varnaas unequally, but off late some vested interested people make all the trick to break the unity of Hindus.

  4. Very very Distressing.. The Rogues who did this in public should also be punished in front of the public.

  5. I agree with Shri. M. Varadarajan and the Govt; should ensure no religious belief is attacked. Who gave this authority to do this and where were station staff ? Is it that no security personnel available at the station? Leave alone the religious aspect, is it not the responsibility of Railways to ensure safety of the people using the premises? Strict action against the culprits booked and also disciplinary action against the the staff should be taken. Make Tamil Nadu peaceful. No politics in these matters, please.

  6. namaskaaram;lets adhere to the teachings of our Mahaswamy;lets ensure that we perform our Nithyakarmas

  7. Himalayan injustice to all Aasthikas. All Hindus should raise in one voice against this attrocity.

  8. Distressing. Only Mahaperiyavaa can solve this problem of danger engulfing TN. In no other State such naastik vandalism is happening and allowed.

  9. VCK has die-hard anti-Hindu followers belonging to Christian, Muslim and Buddhist faiths under the umbrella of original EVR followers. Absolutely hate filled speeches by these lumpen elements go on unchecked at all public places. Hope to see a more responsible government root out these evil forces.

  10. Very painful to read this post. All those involved in this bad act will have to face their karma. Hope the authorities will take necessary actions against the culprits. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

  11. Rogues of the first water are there everywhere ! Raja

  12. There should be cameras in all public places and roads at junctions monitoring the public. Anyone who vandalizes or destroys public places should be given punishment via the courts. No one should be spared including politicians or other public figures. Everyone should be made accountable so that we make make Bharat great once again. One step at a time.

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