Mahaperiyava tavam by a Tamil scholar

Thanks to Sri Babu for sharing this short clip. I have seen this lady in Tamil pattimandrams etc but dont know her name, background. Regardless, she very beautifully conveys the point with a fantastic reference to one of the Mahaperiyava incidents.


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  1. wow got your name thanks to Praveen sultana

  2. super excellent talk by the anonymous lady hats off to her let her speeches spread brotherhood among mankind

  3. She is basically a great Tamil scholar and could quote from vedas, upanishads, quran, bible all with ease.May God bless her !

  4. PuDhu periayavaa charanam, in sha allah

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  6. There are a few gems like Ms. Parveen Sultana, who are really ‘secular’ in their approach, and appreciate or condemn whenever the situation warrants. Compare her with some who called themselves as Hindus and played havoc with great Hindu institutions and temples; she surely has Periava’s blessings !!!

  7. Praveen Sultana a rare gem to the society. She has the real religious ferver to appreciate our Sanathana Dharmam. We all wish many like minded youngsters to appreciate this type of following there will be great harmony amongst the religion.

  8. She is parveen sultana.

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