Perur Mahaperiyava Temple

Thanks to Sri Bharath for the video share…

Sri Bagavathar talks about the kshetra mahimai and Mahaperiyava. One correction to what he said – Perur is not the second dedicated place for Mahaperiyava temple. There is one temple in Mylapore/RA Puram for Mahaperiyava for a long time – I don’t know if that came before Orikkai or after. Regardless, there are two temples prior to Perur for Mahaswami.

It is wonderful to see the beautiful vigraham made for this temple – weighing 280 Kgs !!!!


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  1. Sri Kanchi Mahaswamigal Tapovanam – Govindapuram is one more kshetra which should be visited

  2. wherever Our Mahaperiyava’s photo, idol,(whether clay doll or panchalokam) even a calender is a observe…how we observe serenity in Temple.

  3. You can see one Padhukai temple in Erode.It is there since 1971

  4. Did you mean the padhuka mandapam in mylapore as the temple for mahaperiyava in mylapoŕe/RA puram??. or is that a different one.

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