Thayumana Mahan – Part 4

On this auspicious day, I am glad to share the release of new book by Smt Revathi mami. Here are the details. Sri Balaperiyava is very interested in capturing the experiences based on Srikantan mama and provided lot of guidance to mami. I am very excited to read this book.

For those in India, please contact mami. For those in US, I will be in India by Jan and will bring some books with me.

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Shri Mahaperiyava Charanam

With the blessing of Shri Mahaperiyava , Smt Revathi Kumar has penned the real life experiences of Shri Mahaperiyava’s devotees with Shri Mahaperiyava, titled ‘THAYUMANA MAHAAN’. Three volumes have already been published describing the personal experiences of ‘BRAHMASHRI’ Shri Vedapuri Mama in Vol 1 – 2 and Shri Balu mama in Vol – 3.

Today, under the guidance of Shri Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal (Bala periyava ) , she has publised the fourth book , describing the experiences of Shri Shrikandan mama. (Rs 150 per book).

Vol 1,2,3 also available for Rs 500 (together ).The money collected are being used for seva only.

Looking forward for your support .
Thank You

Contact – 9789082269 (Chennai)

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  1. Hi I tried calling Smt. Revathy Shankar’s number. The number is switched off Please guide me to get all 4 copies of this book I am eager to buy them

  2. Mrs Revathy Kumar kindly sent the volume IV to me by courier. This volume shows the great devotion Srikantan Mama had for MahaPeriyava as well as MahaPeriyava’s Karunai and Anugraham towards him. All devotees of MahaPeriyava will welcome this book and as Mami is devoting all the proceeds to Akhilandeshwari Temple, it gives all of us a chance to participate in this Punyakaryam–Smt. Saraswathy Ramaswamy

  3. Just finishing up with the book.
    Sadasiva mama’s experiences were just supremely blessed. Learnt yet another way to separate padam for Periyava!!
    The other portions of the book can do with some editing and clearer presentation. Thank you Smt Revati Kumar.

  4. smt umamaheshwari nandakumar-since your brother is expected in jan/feb-i have a suggestion to make-you buy and pay for the books-i recommend all four+mahaperiava andadi-now-the advantage is that atleast part of the proceeds will go towards tiruvanaikaavil kovil kumbabhishekam-both you and your brother will have made a contribution towards lokakshemam.namaskaram

  5. Thaayumana Mahaan-well compiled by Sow.Revathi Kumar Mami-Brahmasri Vedapuri avargal narration compiled by Sow.Revathi-romba urukkama irukku-very touching;and the beauty is-you pay for the books and the sale proceeds go towards very good causes-like Tiruvanaikaavil Kumbabhishekam scheduled for Thai maasam,Gau Samrakshanam to give two examples.Mahaperiava bhaktas get Double Bonus.worth buying reading and recommending/gifting.

  6. Dear Mahesh
    How to obtain it in UK?

    • you may have to either request mami to mail it to you and you need to pay for shipping or have someone locally collect from her and keep it until you visit India next time.

    • Dr Ravi, my brother is in London now and has planned for a visit to India for few days in late Jan/early Feb. I can buy and pass it on to you through him if you are ok – Uma


    • Normally, when a book gets released, very rarely the other language translations are made available on the same day Most of the times, it takes a long time to get translated. I am sure the translations will come out much later. Only mami can comment…this is my guess.

  8. Mahesh: Will you save a copy for me. Thanks.

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