Rare Mahaperiyava photo from 1988


“I’m seen bespectacled behind d greatest seer of 20th Century, The eternal Mahaswamy of Kanchi Matham in 1988 at Kanchi. I was student then staying in the Matham on instructions of Him. He used to check my progress often. Golden days they were. Dug this from my old trunk box today” – Dr S Venugopalan, Vedic & Sanskrit scholar. Professor, Dept of Sanskrit & Indian Culture. SCSVMV University. KANCHIPURAM.

Here started it all in 1976 during emergency. On instructions from Mahaswamy, my paternal uncle Sri.Rama.Gopalan got 5 children of our family admitted into Vedapathasala at Nazarathpet, near Chennai. We all 5 are seen in this 1976 pic. I’m sitting 3rd from left in 1st row.


I do not know Dr Venugopalan. I am just following him in Twitter. Will try to meet him in my next India trip.

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