Experience with Sri Pudhu Periyava by Sri Suresh, Sankara TV

How to identify ishta dheivam vs kula dheivam? Sri Periyava explains very beautifully through His own experience.

Courtesy: Smt Lalitha Venkatesan / Sri Kumar Vignesh Studios

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  2. Humble pranams to our Sri Periavas.

    I would like to request a summary of this clip in English for the non-Tamil readers. I know it is a very exhausting task to translate video or audio clips but it is such an important topic and hence the request.

    Many many thanks in advance.

    • When a Devotee asked Mahaperiyava what is the difference between Kula deivam ( Kuladevatas are deities which are worshiped by particular clans) and Ishta deivam (favourite deity) and how to identify ishta deivam. periyava explained citing his own experience. when Mahaperiyava was on pattina pravesam That is visiting a city (chennai) he was on an elephant (travelling).suddenly elephant ran out of control.Periyavaa was 15 yrs at that time .in that chaotic situation periyavaa was chanting “muruga muruga”. periyavaa cited this incident and told that devotee, in an ordinary situation”the god which you call for help spontanesously is your ishta deivam.

      i am not a scholar in english pardon for any mistakes


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