How to eat?

This is how…..

Thanks to Sri Ramanathan Ramasubbu for sharing this video part of his India trip. This is not a scene done once in a while…this is how vidyarthis eat every day. I have seen this many patasalas….Mahaperiyava talked in length about the annam and the way it should be cooked and the way it should be consumed, the ill-effects of taking food from unknown source and how it alters our mind, thoughts etc.

What a beautiful scene!

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  1. Dear Mr Mahesh
    This has reference to your older blog on Thirimeeyachur Lalithambal Temple. The priest Sri Veda Vageesa Sivachariar alias Raja Gurukkal’s phone has a problem and he has lost all the numbers stored in it. His mobile number is +91 9444350759. He may be contacted in the above number for performing archana and all other sevas. He wants to update Mr Mahesh’s number too. Pl update him. I am writing this at his request on his behalf.

  2. I read a incident in these pages about how Ganga came to Kaveri. It goes along the lines of some vaideekas objecting to the Dikshitar giving food to a hungry at the door before giving to them on shradhm day asking him to bathe in Ganges if he wanted them to partake

    They forgot one aspect of Dharma while highlighting another aspect of Dharma. Common mistake for as Bhishma said Dharma is hard to comprehend

    We can try fixing the problem you mentioned. can you donate money to them buy leaves everyday and also donate money to properly dispose the used leaves?

    • Dear Anon

      Firstly, my intention of asking was not countering (nor finding any mistake) but out of interest.

      Secondly, I never knew that a soldier like you would stand behind them who defend all those anxiously ask anythinig to know the truth behind it.

      Finaly, YES, I would be more happily spend money on these areas had I had enough money on my back. Unfortunately, I am a typical poor brahmin who simply follow Dharmic way of life sincerely at the maximum extent that I can.

      Please pray God for me to give me suffice stuff to look after these lacking areas.

      Be blessed by Maha Periva as always!

      Jaya Jaya Shankara…… Hara Hara Shankara……

  3. Everthying is fine, but why these children are eating in steel plates instead of plantain leaves?

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