Varahi Andhathi by Ilanthai Sri Ramasamy

On guru poornima day, I was at Sri Ramasamy’s son’s place in Chicago for a religious event. The event started in the morning and it went on almost till 12.30 PM. Before the deeparathanai and lunch, mama released this work. Mama’s plan was to release this work on that auspicious day. He gave us all the photocopy of this work. We looked at it and it was 100 stansas. Mama started to give introduction. We were sitting hungry and I was really worried if mama was going to read all 100 poems. Once he gave us an overview of the structure of the whole work  it started to get interesting. He started off with reading initial few stansas. As it started to progress, we all were completely absorbed into the poems. The choice of words, the meanings, adherence to the layout he chose was perfect. More importantly, the knack of encoding Varahi’s moola mantra within this is simply brilliant. Only who know the moola mantra can decode 🙂 He finished reading the entire work – enjoyed every bit of the work and that too very beautifully explained by mama.

Like I said in my earlier posting, my devotion towards Varahi increased tremendously after I read these poems and how powerful and great Varahi is. It is Her blessing and the gurumandalam’s blessings that mama was blessed to write this and producing such a wonderful work on Varahi.

Varahi is Lalitha Tripurasundari’s Chief of army. Varahi worship gives tremendous amount of benefits both in the gnana marga and also in materialistic world – she drives away enemies, gives complete protection to Her devotees and blesses them all. Take some time to read this work and enjoy – don’t miss the introduction part on how he was blessed to write this work.

Thank you mama for this great work.

Aum Sri Maha Varahi Padhukam Pujayami Namaha

Non-Tamil readers – this work can’t be translated – it is virtually impossible to do so. Sorry!






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  1. Very nice Varahi Anthathi – When I read this, I am only tempted to compare Kavimaamani Ilanthai Ramasamy to ABIRAAMA BATTAR! – May Goddess Varahi be with him and his family in all their endeavours.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this. It would be great to hear an audio recording of the recitation of this Varahi Andhathi by Ilanthai Sri Ramasamy.

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