Sarvam Sri Periyava Mayam – Posters and Stationeries

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara to Shri Kamesh for sharing this message. Rama Rama

We are happy to bring beautiful artistic work on Maha periyava in the forms of posters and stationeries, which would touch millions of his devotees.

You can use the discount code KAMSD10 and buy the calendars from the website below.

Below link will display the calendar and posters based on Sri Periyava paintings.

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  1. please do not bring Maha Periyava to the commercial circle.

  2. The website sells the poster of EVR as well. A great example of pluralism and kudos to Sri.Mahesh for sharing this website link despite it selling an EVR portrait. I think they will soon sell a calendar with EVR and Periyar together.
    I have no doubt about the commercial insanity that has spread like a cancer in all of us.

  3. This commercialisation should NOT be encouraged. Will they be prepared to donate 50% of the income to Vedapatasalas?

    A gentle request to Mahesh. Pl. do not bring such posts into this forum.

  4. So, after, the calendar year is over, what will happen to the same? Are we harping simply about Periyava because He is the going trend presently, without paying attention to His upadeshams? Does anybody recall an incident where Periyava advised against publishing calendars containing His image? He was never in favour of all these ways of display of devotion? Let us not make him into a cult-image. We are seeing with our own eyes how the Satya Sai Organization is disintegrating, which was otherwise sprawling until Baba was alive in the body. Periyava’s avatharam was within a Matam, through a Guru Parampara, only to indicate that one-man cults do not last long, as compared to traditional Parampara-s. Hence, request you to please stop encouraging such items!

    • We all have complete faith in the Avatara Purusha’s greatness and our duty is not only to follow his upadesams but also to instill in our next generation family members and friends the same shraddha and reverence for Sri Mahaperiyava as we have.
      The new generation has not had the fortune of darshan of Sri Mahaperiyava and so the above duty is even more important for all of us
      Cult promotion is not our tradition nor has Sri Mahaperiyava supported that. That is why during HIS own lifetime, none of the cult-type activities were seenm

      But since HIS attaining videha mukthi in 1994, particularly in the last 15 years or so, various persons and organisations have started using HIS greatness for promoting their own selfish material goals.
      This includes writers, speakers, magazine publishers and so on
      Sri Mahaperiyava is being used as a merchandising brand so that such people can thrive in their material pursuits.

      Of course we all know well the noble intentions and bhakti shraddha of Sri Maheshji, but alas, not every such person is as noble as Sri Mahesh
      We should strongly discourage such merchandising.

      Apologies to those who may feel my comments are harsh but I assure them my intentions are good

    • Ram Ram
      Your observation on the ‘Guru-Parampara’ system is absolutely true.
      And ofcourse Mahaperiyava never encouraged distributing his photographs, during His life time.
      But even in the 1940s there were devotees who considered Mahaperiava as an Avatara and worshipped Him through images and pictures.

      Today, as lay devotees, we need something to hold-on to Mahaperiyava, after He shed His physical Body.
      To that limited extent these posters and calendars do help, in a small way.

      And I fully agree that His Teachings are More important to us than anything.
      The only way that Sanathana Dharma can thrive is by following HIS teachings, to the best of ones ability and convenience.

      As regards your other observation about the disintegration of Sathya Sai Organization I have a different observation.

      Even during His life-time Sri Sathya Sai Baba, created a trust, with 11 trustees (all from different states and each an eminent personality) to run His Hospitals, water projects and Educational Institutions.
      These trustees have been managing the legacy exceptionally well even after Sai left His physical Form in April’2011.

      You might be aware that Education and Medicare is offered free of cost at all Sai Institutions.
      Even to this day, the Sai Hospitals offer free medial care (including Open Heart Surgeries) at the Sathya Sai Super Specialty Hospitals at Bangalore and Puttaparthi.
      Education continues to be completely free in all His educational Institutions, even at the PG level.
      The Trust continues to fund free drinking water supply to remote corners of AP, even to this day.
      So where is the question of dis-integration right now?

      And finally I agree that one-man cult do not last long.
      But NOT in the spiritual world, when it is run by persons of integrity and spiritual strength.

  5. It is a very good effort to bring out such beautiful pieces of art.
    But, from the Indian point of view, the cost seems to be prohibitive.
    I do NOT think anyone in Chennai will invest Rs 520/- for a calendar, even though it may contain the most beautiful images.
    Similar 12-sheet calendar of Mahaperiyava is sold at Giri Stores for Rs 80/-.
    So the Sporg Stores have to re-think on the pricing.if they decide to make it big in India.

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