Athirudram for Mahaperiyava Aradhana Dec 12-22, Thiruvannamalai


It is my pleasure to share the invitation for Athirudra maha yagnam to be held in Thiruvannamalai as part of Mahaperiyava’s varshika aradhana mahotsvam. As you all are aware, Sri Ravi has been doing this for the past several years and with Kanchi Acharyas’ blessings, these events are done in the utmost sincerity and conforming to Vedic standards and attended and supervised several learned vedic authorities.

It is a great opportunity for all who are near Thiruvannamalai to attend this event along with the darshan of Lord Annamalaiyar and other mahans at their ashramams. Please support this great event as well.

Aum Nama Shivaya!


It is proposed to conduct :


by performing

A full fledged AthiRudram is to be conducted for 11 days and  150 Ritwiks/veda pundits  participate with dedication and focus. Specific counts of  experts  on each of Rig, Krishna Yajur, Suklar Yajur, Jaymini Saka Sama, Atharvana veda participate strictly following their own self discipline and anushtanams as clearly defined in texts.


Satha Chandi Yagnyam to propitiate Goddess Devi is done in the morning along with the parayanam on each of the 11 days.

From 12.12.2017 to 22.12.2017


Sri Sheshadriswamigal AdhishtanaComplex, Thiruvannamalai,  Tamila Nadu.

HH Ramana Maharishi continue to bless millions of Devotees everyday and the  town  made holier by the visits and Giripradakshinam of Mahaswamigal. Sri Ramana maharishigal and sri Sheshadri Swamigal lived nearly forty years in this shethram at the same time

Please find  attached an invitation/ appeal and detailed programme for the above said Mahotsavam proposed to be conducted  with the blessings of Jagath Guru Shri Shri Shri Kanchi Mahaperiyava  and  Acharyas of  Sri Kanchi Kamakoti peetam.

The proposed MAHOTSAVAM  is being organized over 11 days, when nearly 150 rithwiks will perform and participate in the chanting and homam. Approximate expenses for the above Mahotswavam is estimated around Rs.70 Lakhs. This would cover major expenses of rithwik sambhavanai and Brahmana samaradhanai, Annadhanam and infrastructure

Devotees are welcome to participate in the MAHOTSAVAM.


For Sree Chandrasekarendrasaraswathi Swamigal Kaingarya Trust


+91 9443733573

(Key Activities on each day)

4.45 am – 6.00 am Ganapathi Homam Avahanthi Homam
   7 am – 1 pm Atirudra parayanam with Homam

(by 135 ritwiks)

Chandi Homam – Durga Sapthasathi Parayanam, Dasamsa Homam, Navavarna Puja, Suvasini Puja, Kanya Puja and Vaduga Bhairava Puja(by 10 ritwiks)
3.00 pm – 5.30 pm Upanyasam or Namasankeertanam or Dharma Sastra Lecture or Kalvaithavaaram  (special very advanced test on Krishna yajur vedam) or carnatic music concert.
6 pm – 8.30 pm Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam, Rudrakramarchana, Lalitha Sahasranama Archana, Avadarika inclusive of Charturveda Parayana Kramaarchana on a Ganastyle
  9 pm – 11.30 pm Upanyasam or bhajan (divya nama sankeerthanam from 9 pm to 2 am  on one day

For further details contact

Sri Chandrasekarendhra Saraswathi Swamigal Kaingarya Trust(SCSSSK TRUST)

Address:    DAF 4 Bharath Plaza, Moola thope, Srirangam, Trichy  620 006.                   Phone : 04312434553,  Mobile:9443733573eMail:

Contributions to the trust are exempted under 80(G) of the Income Tax Act and can be made in favour of the Trust by cheque /draft to the above address, or  Electronic transfers   or  deposited in the  account with  :

City Union Bank Ltd,   Srirangam Branch
Savings a/c No:115001000358340 / IFS CODE : CIUB0000115

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