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  1. Temples, Mutts, Ashrams and other religious non profitable institutions expect/need funds from Donars to run their institutions on daily basis. Some religious non profitable institutions start charging devotees and with that funds they provide foods and other things to devotees from whom they do not expect anything. So they have to honour the persons who give their valueable funds and other things in kind. Some mutts feed devotees without asking anything. Devotees who are coming from other cities need to be fed. But Devotees who are in the same cities take foods at Mutts and ashrams. Some persons questioned here may aware of the above facts. The devotees have to put up with the small pin pricks Maintaining on Madurai Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple need a huge funds on day to day basis. But to meet the expenses, they receive a little money from Devotees. Persons who are rich pay for it and have dharsan…. So that money is used for meeting the daily routine….Sorry everyone knows this…So we have to accept this hardships also

  2. i totally agree. we say ‘anbe Sivam’ and treat people like this. Sad

  3. Very nice to see Kasi Viswanathar abishekam. One thing bothered me in this video. I was disturbed to see some of the (especially older folks) devotees were pushed HARD by the security guard before they could offer whatever little they had to offer. We, Indians must learn to treat people as human. That is more godly than pouring gallons of milk down the drain. I have experienced “pushing” and jarugandi in Thirupathy. But not in Kasi kshethram. This is one of the reasons, our children do not want to go to temples. Treatment varies based on the economic standards and their ranking in the society, who they know in higher level contacts. People need education. Sorry, if I have offended anyone. I needed to express myself. If the moderator does not want to accept, that will be fine. At least I expressed myself. This is how we bring about changes in our society.

    • Ms. Vijaya, I understand your feelings on pushing devotees especially elders, but at the same time you must also understand that when heavy crowd throng into temples in auspicious days, all those visited devotees must be given fair chance to have the Dharshan of deity, you also accept this, I believe. As you know in India, until you alert, command even push some time, they won’t leave the deity place so quickly. I am not supporting this act but unfortunately it became inevitable now a days, but again as you mentioned, ‘we Indians must learn to treat people as human”, seemed little wrong from your perception since such type of ‘pushing and pulling’ is taking place almost everywhere in the World depends on the situation and India is not an exception for that matter.

      Regarding treatment of people based on the economic status varies – as you mentioned is valid since in front of God everybody is same, but again, when Govt. or Devesthanm Boards implement some policy, we as general public has to abide. Have we ever oppose these systems as united ever? No….. we just enjoyed free and easy Dharshan just paying off few hundred rupees. You rightly said one point ‘people need education’. I also add one more point, people need to realize as to why one has to go temple rather than making it just completing formality.

      Jaya Jaya Shankara……. Hara Hara Shankara!

      • I am aware of these facts. However, pushing and pulling does not make it right in a sacred place. Thank you all for your thoughts on this. However, I am choosing not to continue arguments in this noble forum. Let us enjoy reading all the positive things about our great Mahans. Thanks.

      • Thank you vijaya..

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