Volunteers Needed for Sri Periyava Kainkarayam!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara –

We need volunteers for some important Periyava Kainkaryams:

1. Dedicated volunteers who can take ownership on refreshing the Periyava radio content on a bi-weekly basis as well as be innovative about the programs that are broadcasted. This kainkarayam do not require much technical knowledge.

2. Senior and experienced Android developer who can build apps. As you are aware this is purely a voluntary initiative but if you are looking for a nominal charge we can look at that option as well. Freshers, please excuse. This initiative is time-sensitive and we need to get a few things up and running quickly. This kainkaryam requires in-depth technical knowledge.

You need to clear three rounds of interview, first by me, by Mahesh, and the final round by Periyava 🙂 Obviously I’m just joking… 🙂 , but on a more serious note, sincerity, dedication, and most importantly consistency is the key, especially for #1.

Please think through before you throw your hat in the ring. If you are good, e-mail to girishsai108@gmail.com indicating the kainkaryam you would like to participate. We are all doing this for Periyava, for our own Aathma and Lokha Kshemam!

Periyava Thiruvadi Charanam!

Rama Rama

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