Experience with Mahaperiyava – “Periya set” Bhramashri Ramakrishnan Ganapadigal

Thanks to Sri Bharathi Subramanian for this wonderful interview.

Mama is so blessed that he grew up all his life with Periyava and had innumerable counts of interactions/blessings with Periyava.

While we have read so many articles on Periyava’s veda rakshanam, nothing matches when it comes through a ghanapadigal explaining all that he experienced. From people like mama, we can see few things clearly (1) only very simple life and innocence attracted Periyava (2) surrender to Periyava – throughout the interview mama talks about that (3) Veda rakshanam and gho rakshanam are the foremost duties for all of us. Although we all can’t be ghanapadigal, we can do our best to learn veda or support vidyarthis etc.


  • Periyava as Balaji
  • Periyava’s gnana drushti on money kept/taken 🙂
  • Anugraham to vidyarthis on new year’s day
  • Blessings for mama’s wife to pass exam
  • The making of sahasralingam
  • Periyava’s sparsham on Kamakshi vigraham for Coimbatore
  • Sri Pudhu Periyava and gruhaprevesam for Swami Dayanandha Saraswathi ashram in Coimbatore!

and so many more nice incidents….

I know it is a long 90 Mts interview – don’t miss…I listened this in parts during my free time….Hence it took some time to post it here…

Devotees in Coimbatore are blessed to have Kamakshi vigraham that was blessed by Periyava and mama whom have lived half of his life with Periyava.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  2. ஸ்ரீஸ்ரீஸ்ரீமஹாபெரியவா துணை. இப்படிப்பட்ட மஹா அனுபவம் கிடைக்க எத்தனை ஸுக்ருதம் செய்தாரோ. கோடி நமஸ்கோரங்கள்.

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