Gangai Konda Chozapuram Annabhishekam – Grand Completion Update

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Sankara – Our sathsang volunteer Shri. S. Ravisankar is also Gangai Konda Chozapuram Annabhishekam committee member. Below he has shared the news of grand completion of the event along with some awesome pictures. This initiative was started under the instruction of Maha Periyava and it is very heartening to see it growing every year. Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to all volunteers who contributed to this successful event. Rama Rama

Gnana Guruve  
 Nin Thiruvadi Charanam

Rama Rama

By the grace of H H Mahaswamigal and Ambal Brahannayaki Samedha Lord Brahadeeswara Annabhishekam function was  performed as per Aagama Sastras and the instructions given by H.H.Mahaswamigal by Annabhishekam Committee with the cooperation of Archeological department , HR & CE departments and local people.

On 2 nd November Maha Abhishekam in the morning hours and Navavarana puja and Thiruvilakku pujas in the evening hours were conducted.

On 3 rd ,Nov ‘17  after pujas around 3.30 Am,  boiler was lit and six cooking vessels continuously cooked rice and flow was smooth and  continuous . Totally 3,650 kgs of cooked rice was covered around Lord Brahadeeswara . Deeparadhana was done at 6 PM.

It was non stop  down pour which always Mahaswamigal wanted in that area for the prosperity of all living Jeeva raasis  and human beings. On Annabhishekam day from morning till evening  there was no rain and Sun God  peeped out now and then to have Dharshan too .

Nearly 5000 plus people were fed in the Kanchi Mahaswamy Anna Mandapam  starting from 10.30 AM to 4 P.M. The devotees thronged around were approximately around 20,000  from morning as there was no rain that day.All these are possible by the collective efforts of Kanchi Mahaswamy bhakthas, Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam devotees and Bhakthas from all fields.

Pujyasri.Balaperiava had requested KOODALI  Swamigal to visit this place on Annabhishekam  day and His Holiness graced the occasion by late evening hours.

We the Annabhishekam Committee members thank all our “Sage Of Kanchi” bhakthas who were solidly behind  this Annabhishekam function with support both in kind, contributions and their presence.

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  1. Om Namo Bhagavathy Sri Rudraya. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  2. Great Dharsanam… Om Namah shivaya.. Om Namah shivaya…Om Namah shivaya..

  3. Feel blessed. Om namasivaya

  4. Fantastic pictures.


  6. Thanks for this kan kolla kaatchi

  7. Wonderful pictures ; thanks to Shri.S.Ravisankar for the nice narration of the event and the pictures . It gives us a feeling of participation . To whom contributions to be sent ?

  8. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. RAJA

  9. “Deiva Tharisanam” Mikka Nandri…Mahaperiyava Thiruvadi Saranam.

  10. What Wonderful pictures ?
    Don’t know how to thank you all for this Devine treat
    Pranams to all concerned

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