Sashtiyabdhpoorthi for Sri Ganesa Sarmaji

Ganesha Sharma


Thanks to Smt Saraswathi Thyagarajan Mami for posting about Sarmaji’s recent celebration that happened in Kanchi Matam & Sri Pradosham mama gruham with the blessings of the acharyas…

As we all know mama’s selfless contribution is beyond words. I have interacted with him and Mami – extremely innocent – child-like innocence in both of them and honesty is the two major things I always wonder about them. Mama’s bakthi for Sri Matam and Mahaperiyava is known to the whole world. Despite the popularity mama always remains extremely humble and continue to keep the focus on Mahaperiyava. It is all the training from Sri Pradosham mama’s school and years of reading and giving upanyasam on dheivathin kural and above all Periyava’s blessings.

On behalf of this blog, we all wish mama and Mami a very healthy, happy life and looking forward to attending his bheemaratha shanthi and sadhabishekam. Our namaskaram to mama for service to Periyava community.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!



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  1. Mr. Mahesh if you can share, when is the occasion? thank you.

  2. My children’s and my koti namaskaram to Sri Sri Mahaperiaval and to Mama and Mami

  3. CAn I get more info about THIS sri Ganesha Sarmaji…….He was giving upanyasams on
    Maha Periyava , experiences…Is he so young only 60 now. ? I remember to have met him in Satara and
    Pune….and heard his Upanyasam in Sri B.V. Ramani’s Pune Sri Ramani’s wife Meena mami’s
    mother smt. Naga Lakshmi mami ,as an ardent devotee of sri Maha Periyava, . …..Our best wishes and greetings to the Divya dhampathi./// for Sadabhishekam , kanakabhishekam, and shatabdhi .Kamala & Vedanarayaan, PUNE

  4. our namaskarams to you and mami. Please bless us all

  5. I think instead of “child like”,it is come out as “Childless” innocence… Perhaps auto correct?

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