Where is Chicago Periyava?



Today, I got a message from a devotee very nervously asking if Chicago Periyava had moved to NJ manimandapam project. I immediately responded that Chicago Periyava is right here in Chicago and He is not going anywhere as He has come to bless all devotees in Chicagoland and nearby states too forever by sitting here! After my message, she felt very relieved….It seems that there is some rumor like this going on – not sure where it started. Also she was mentioning that there hasn’t been any post related to Chicago Periyava….So, I am attaching a photo taken on October anusham and a small video clip of the bhajan…..Those who are in mid-west region, please plan your visit to get darshan of Periyava @Chicago….My sincere thanks to her for

Also I get lots of queries on details of NJ manimandapam project etc. I was deeply involved in that project in the earlier stage but not anymore due to various reasons. So I do not have any updates on that project. So either I know what you all know or in most cases I know don’t know anything at all 🙂 If you have any questions about that project, please reach out to that team.

I am attaching a picture and video from October anusham at Chicago Periyava Gruham. IF you want to participate in anusham events in Chicago, please write to me and I will gladly include your name in the mailing lists….

Chicago Periyava Padham Potri!



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9 replies

  1. Excellent rendition of bhajans too…

  2. Parabrahma svarUpI Sri Mahaperiyava pAdam pottri!!!

  3. I am not against questioning…In my opinion, questioning on personal preference is not needed. I know some devotees call Him “thatha ummachi” and I know some people call Him “yejamaan” and also know some call “perusu”….They are devotees to the core….None of us can imagine their level of bakthi….One might question, why are they calling with these names? they are personal preferences…..

  4. There was and is only one periyava. Why you want distinguish Chicago Periyava and NJ periyava. All are same periyava for devotees.Please say “Periyava Padham Potri!” Kamakot Pujya Chandraasekhara Saraswati Maharaj ki Jai.

    • True…when you write, how do you distinguish if you use one word Periyava. Besides to our family, Chicago Periyava is special. I can do Sthuthi to Him. There is nothing wrong… Don’t we go to Tirupathi to see Balaji? You can see aHim in uppiliappan temple, gunaseelam too. We go to manasarover to see kailasanathar when we have kailasanathar temple everywhere in Tamilnadu.why? we have certain attachments to certain deities, which can’t be questioned by you…

      • My dear brother Mahesh Ji
        Thank you for your great service to Mahaperiyava devotees. It is not an exaggeration to say that your interviews with Mahaperiyava devotees have transformed many people’s lives(including me) to a blessed, peaceful one. There is nothing wrong in questioning. Sri Adhisankara Himself was questioned.Please keep up the good work. Thanks again .

        Mahaperiyava padhame gadhi.

  5. Thanks a lot. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  6. R Pitchumani
    We are blessed with the darshan of Chicago Mahaperiyava and pleased to listen the bhajans. Thank you very much

  7. Mahaperiava sharanam. Wonderful darshan of Chicago Periava and melodious singing of Bhajans in praise of our Parameshwara Swaroopam Mahaperiava. Double treat for us. Remain blessed always.

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