Sri Pradosham Mama’s 91st Jayanthi



We look up at lot of people as examples in our lives. The one mahan who built the massive manimandapam only with bakthi, who taught, continues to teach on how to do Periyava bakthi is none other than 64th Nayanmar Sri Pradosham mama. In all practical sense he should be remembered everyday when we sit in the puja room. If we need to ask something to Periyava, we should ask for a bakthi like Sri Pradosham mama.

I have a great pleasure in sharing the invitation with all of you for his 91st jayanthi celebration in Kanchipuram. I request all devotees in and around Kanchipuram to attend and support this event and the blessings of mama and Periyava.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara


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  1. THINKING of all religious activities taking place now and then, here and there and everywhere. RAJA

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