Maha Periyava Gruham @ Madurai

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Smt. Sunitha Madhavan for the share. Lot of great activities happening every Anusham (monthly) in this sathsangam. If you live around the area or visiting please do join. This five minute video contains details about the place, contact details, etc. Rama Rama


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  1. Periva saranam. So happy to note abt the periva events going on at madurai.I wish my dream should come true as every house, should celebrate anusham likewise the whole country should enjoy celebrating .

  2. Thanks Sai for the share….it would truly helps several devotees in Madurai…

  3. Pranams to HH I/ c with gruham dedicated to Periawa. Please let me have your contact no: to visit Darshan gruham and convenor of this.

    Thanks to know. My no: 9442232523


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