Skanda Sashti Special

Sage of Kanchi


This is the first time I am trying to a collage of postings….Although it might look longer, I guess it is interesting to see so many things on Periyava and Lord Muruga.

It is said that even the Veda Purusha was not able to describe the greatness, power and glory of Lord Subrahmanya (KArthikEya) and just uttered : ” SubrahmanyOm SubrahmanyOm SubrahmanyOm ” (Yagurveda AraNyaka, Aruna Prashnah )

HH Kripanandha Variyar Swamigal says this slightly differently that vedam was not convinced by saying Lord’s name just once – so it said thrice. As per our veda you should not chant more than thrice. He also uses an example of a rubber stamp. When we use ink-pad and rubber stamp, we normally try that on other papers once or twice before you put it on the important paper and sign it. So vedam also called his name twice before it said…

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