Happy Deepawali

Thanks to Smt Ranjani Sathyanarayanan for sharing this drawing…Not sure if I have seen this earlier and also not sure who the artist is – done a fantastic job….



On behalf of the blog, I wish each of you and your family members a very happy Deepawali. Being devotees of Kanchi Acharyas, let us pray them for their blessings and hope that the light of knowledge and wisdom removes the darkness of maya and ignorance around us. Let us also pray Goddess Lakshmi to bless us all with health, wealth, knowledge and wisdom to enable our spiritual journey.

I have provided two links to Periyava’s speeches on Deepawali. Please listen to the voice of God on this auspicious day.

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  1. Excellent and amazing painting Ranjani ji.. Periyava looks so real 👌👌

  2. The picture of Maha Periyava by Smt. Ranjani Sathyanarayanan is very natural and realistic. Happy Deepawali to all the members of the blog, Maha Periyava saranam.

  3. wonderful painting and thanks for Deepavali message. To get Deepavali greeting from Periyava Blog is really a blessing to all

  4. The picture was drawn by me. 1st one.

  5. thanks mr Mahesh happy deepawali to you and your family members and all those who are reading thisregularly loka samasta sukhino bhavantu

  6. Pranams to Swami. We like to place on record our sincere thanks to Sri.Mahesh and Sri.Srinivasan for rendering this service to all devotees of Mahaswami. Like one light lights another, your messages are spread far and wide. May Mahaswamis Blessings be with you ever in your ventures.

  7. Missed “drawn “.

  8. The picture, whoever has is fantastic. Happy Diwali to all the members of the blog. For you too Mr. Mahesh. Mahaperiavaa thunai.

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