Periyava abhaya hastham by Akshaya

Thanks to Anand Bharadwaj, Dubai who sent his sister’s drawing to me to be shared with  you all for blessings….As per him, she got very rejuvenated after completing the drawing….

She has done a fantastic job in this drawing…Looks like she has been drawing for a while as it looks absolutely flaw-less…. Great job Akshaya…Keep drawing and keep sharing…

Periyava Sharanam



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  1. Awesome Akshaya.. brilliant job.. Periyava Anugraham !!!

  2. Brilliant work by Akshaya. Romba thathroopama ennai varanchu irukkainu Mahaperiyava Himself blesses Akshaya.

  3. Excellent drawing Akshaya! Keep drawing! Mahaperiava’s blessings are with you!

  4. A special thanks to you Mahesh Ji and thanks to all who blessed my sister.

  5. Life like drawing drawn by Maha Periyava Himself

  6. Absolutely brilliant

  7. Beautiful Sketch !


  8. Excellent drawing Akshaya. Sri Maha Periyava will bless you and be with you always dear.

  9. Excellent one… Periyava kadaksham paripooranam…

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