Sivan Sar & Mahaperiyava Poorvashrama Parents at Sankarapuram

Thanks to Sri Venkatasubramanian Anna for sharing the photos….these vigrahams are getting ready as part of Sankarapuram Temple.

It is amazing how tatroopams these vigrahams are….It is always surprising and heartening to know how blessed these stapathis are….I know about that this stapathi  had  no prior experience in such things but have been doing outstanding work on Periyava….

Our namaskaram to the holy family!




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  1. Blessed is the Sthapathi for executing this noble work

  2. Or is it near Kathiramangalam?…Vakkil Anna..of Thiruvengadu?

  3. Namaskaram…pl.let me know where is this Sankarapuram…is it near Kallakurichi?..

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