Sri Sivan Sar Jayanthi – Oct 14th

All are welcome to attend….

Honesty is absolute spirituality said Sri Sar….. It is not just enough for us to keep quoting such golden quotes but to follow them as much as possible. If you step back and look, all these mahans have said were very simple things for us to follow and we are finding it extremely hard! It only tells us that our lives have become more messed up 🙂

Blessed are those who were very close with Sri Sar to receive His blessings. – Visit this site to read Yeni Padigalil Manthargal – This book is equated to Sar Himself.

Our namaskaram to Sri Sar…


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  1. I had been there for the function. It was excellant.
    an hour CD about Sri Sivan sir was shown and fantastic one

    Thanks for this website for bringing such informations.

  2. I found the following link regarding this temple with several pictures:

  3. Thank you sir for the update from Villupuram and also about this Sivan temple…Will definitely go there for darshan in my next India trip…

  4. Pranams to swami. Bhakthas were blessed to be for two days at Sri Sankara Math, Villupuram. Bala periava swamigal had camped here and regular pujas of Sri Tripura sundari samedha Sri Chandramouliswarar was gracefully conducted by Bala Periava. Lot of Bhakthas from Chennai, Hyderabad also turned in. Some of the Bhakthas opined that this Math being the birth place of Kanchi Maha periava, that too at Villupuram,on the Chennai to Trichy route could be more widely publicised for regular visits by desiring devotees. There is an excellent sivan temple called Thiruvamathur, not to be missed, nearby. Pranams to Swami. Ramasubramanian sk

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