Periyava Quiz – Which Maha Kshethram?

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – First a big applause to Smt. Sowmya for this dazzling drawing. How easy it is to  churn out impeccable Periyava drawings and audio week after week which she and Periyava only knows 🙂

It’s been a while since we had a Periyava quiz and I want to share this picture of the Maha Kshetram where Periyava went in Pratyaksham. Probably too simple to answer so no multiple choices folks 🙂

I will post the answer ‘officially’ on our weekly feature of Sri Sankara Charitham next Saturday. Rama Rama


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  1. tirupathi

  2. Tirupathi Malayappa Swami

  3. SAPTAGIRI . I have also heard on “My experience with Mahaperiyava “ that during this Kshetradanam ,the Tirumala temple authorities granted permission for around 60 people to enter the sanctum.And Mahaperiyava who was staunch in following dharma ,insisted only 10 in the group would do so as per the rules that anyone who performed special pooja to the Lord like Tirukalyanam could have special Darshan for 10 members in the group 🙏
    HE is in that way a real and exemplary Acharya 😂

  4. Tirumala it is, what else it would be? The wonder is a form of God goes to meet another form.

  5. மலையப்பனை தரிசிக்க மலையப்பனே நடந்து செல்கிறார். விடை தி௫மலை.🙏

  6. “Tirumala steps” I think .

  7. Wow ! Exceptional talent Ms.Sowmya…God bless you.

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