Essence of Pratyaksha Chandra by Sri VDN Rao


Thanks to Sri for sharing this great work.

‘Pratyaksha Chandra’ is a sequel to ‘Pratyaksha Bhaskara’ as the latter was released by the website of ‘’ in the Articles Section, as also by Google. Pratyaksha Chandra is compiled from the

Scripts of Essence of Puranas, Essence of Upanishads, besides other website releases by this author and more essentially from a few relevant quotes of Vedas.

Tracing the Pouranic Background, the descriptions in this Script are highlighted such as Daksha Prajapati giving away in wedding of daughters to Chandra, his curse to Chandra due to obsession with Devi Rohini to disappear, Chandra’s partial relief for reappearance due to Lord Shiva’s compromise formula of Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha and the Lord’s graceful consent to wear the Crescent Moon on His head, Lord Vishnu’s proposal to churn the Ocean of Milk with the reappearance of Fresh Chandra and his sister Devi Lakshmi, the references of Chandra Vamsha, periodical eclipses and their impact on the ‘Jeevas’, Planetary System Details, and Human efforts to conduct Space Escapades besides actual Moon Landings. The facts of Surya-Chandra-Agnis as Parameshwara’s Three Eyes, Chandra as the originator of food, promoter of herbal medicines, the mainstay of Intellect and Vigjnana, and above all the Great Source of ‘Soma Rasa’ to the Celestials and the well deserved ‘Sadhakas’ were als provided too.

Soma Rasa could not be bought but is secured by ‘tapas’ or devotion and dedication. As ‘soma-lataadi taru mulikaas’ or select vegetable plants / medicinal herbs perhaps yield juices for healing external and and internal ailmemts of bodies. Soma Rasa is not generated unless by ‘Brahma Nishtha Jnaanis’ only, that too in small drops!’ More over, such small collections are so potent that their effects are none easily describable; the happy recipient of Soma Rasa ought to be adequately equipped with outstanding physical preparedness and mental cum spiritual strength, as Krishna Yajurveda emphasizes!

Man has made outstanding efforts to explore the mysteries of ‘Antariksha’- the Planetary System especially the Moon. A Brief on gruelling journeys of Space and Chandra Loka by humans too is provided in this Script as the Tail Piece! Indeed it is a Realty Check to follow the Spiritual Path or the Scientific Way. The objectives are clear yet the means are variant; in any case, the ordeals are

It was Neil Armstrong who made human history to have finally landed and walked on Moon on July 20, 1969. He was famed to have stated : ‘ That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’! But Maharshis and Sadhakaas sitting pretty on their Earth possess ‘the spiritual wherewith all’ to reach Moon, and the rest of the Universe too by the Oriental Path!

Maha Swami of Kanchi famed as ‘Walking God’ in the footsteps of Adi Shankara commented that Saadhakas while by bathing again and again in the Soundarya Lahari, ‘must become one with it, become it!’.. Similarly, attainment of Soma Rasa, let alone of Chandra Loka too, one’s passion and dedication are the ‘sin-qua-non’ or the very rudimentary factors.

To that Walking God , we in our families are ever grateful to place a tulasi leaf at His Lotus Feet.

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