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  1. can i get this post in jpg format or even pdf. would like to print and frame it.

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  2. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. Pahi Pahi Sri Maha Prabho. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

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  4. Thanks to Kanchi Periyava forum for the translation.

    For me, Ambal is the most important

    It is not enough, if the house, dress and body are clean. It is most important that, the mind should be clean without a blemish! For this the only help is to meditate on Sakshat Parasakthi, the consort of Parameswara. We will be cleansed of all dirt and become complete without a want or flaw. The fact that we are born as human beings with incapacity, inefficiency and insufficiency, is her play only. To make us complete is also Her responsibility only.

    Instead of living and dying like animals and so many life forms; so as to enable us to get out of this cycle of repeated births and deaths, all the religions of this world have evolved. There is no religion required, other than devotion to Mother. This meditation on Parasakthi is good enough to, give us contentment and completeness. For me She is important. My mind is intermittently, constantly and continuously, in Her Dhyana, for the sake of World Peace, understanding and well-being. You all should be doing that. You all should be meditating on Her.

    It is enough to practice Karma Anushtana and spend some time in Dhyana or meditation of Mother’s feet as often as possible. A person who does meditation like this, will never face unsurmountable difficulties. He will have the power and strength of mind to face problems of life. We have the key for happy living. We do not have to do very big things.

    We do not have to climb Mount Everest! First of all try and live by some moral standards. The very decision not to be sinful, takes you far. When we do a mistake, sincerely pray to Mother, to save you from repetition. Progress with clarity individually. As we progress with contentment in our hearts, by Her grace, we will automatically influence others without trying. That will benefit this religion. Since this religion believes in the common welfare of the whole world, all people of all the countries will benefit.

    All religions aim at Nirvana or Moksham as the end mission. To realize the essential truth in personal experience is Moksham. That Parma Sathyam is Brhma, says our religion. The Brhma’s Chith Sakthi is Ambal. By Her Grace we will be experiencing the Truth to be inclusive of ourselves too, says Vedantam. Ambal who sanctions much in this world, finally sanctions this knowledge, this Gnana! By Her Grace, we can realize that, ‘even when involved, we are apart’. By being devoted to

    Her, this Awareness becomes apparent and all doubts vanish in to nothingness, say all Vedas, Granthas, Upanishads, Slokas and Sthuthis. We have also come across scores of great gnanis who have tread this path before us.

    What we have to do to start with, is to do Dhyana on Her feet. A little bit initially. Slowly but steadily, initially we will start getting a taste of it. Then we will come to realize that nothing else is worthy of effort and attention. Then as you carry on, death of the body will be of no consequence. ‘mrutyor ma amrutam gamaya.’ You will know that death cannot kill you, because you are forever!

    Before advising and correcting others, it is enough, if we abstain from immorality and sin. For this itself, surrender to Her is required. Easily she will guard us from temptation and errant behaviour. We have the key for the gates of ‘Shangri La’ in our hands, that is Dhyanam. You should all pray to Her for your and everybody else’s well-being. This itself is sufficient. The worlds and the universe will all flourish and thrive.

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