Cauvery Maha Pushkaram in Full Swing @ Mayavaram Thula Kattam – A Small Video

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara –  Adiyen had the Agho Bhagiyam to visit this Maha Pushkaram @ Mayavaram Thula Kattam, perform Sankalpa Snanam, have darshan our Periyavas, and visit the nearby ancient temples yesterday. I’m not sure if you can see this clearly in the video clip below but there are 11 wells inside the Thula Kattam where one should navigate their way, take water from each well and do Snanam praying to Cauvery Matha and Bhagawan. I cannot describe much as one should personally experience the very vibrant and lively atmosphere during this grand occasion.

If you are planning to come here my advice is do it as soon as possible as according to the locals the crowd has been on the rise every passing day. Lot of VIP’s are coming and will in the coming days including the TN CM before the Maha Pushkaram concludes over the next weekend.

Traffic, Parking, Lodging, and food has been absolutely impeccable considering the magnanimity of the event. No words can describe the amount of work Smt. Mahalakshmi has done and been doing on this great event with the guidance of our Periyavas. My head spins on the amount of co-ordination, planning, and management she has done on multiple fronts which I personally witnessed on my brief stay here. Add to this she was also fasting as yesterday was Ekadasi 🙂 She goes to bed around midnight and wakes up around 3.30 AM in the morning.

Mami advised to me visit the following temples after Thula Katta Snanam so one gets full benefit of this Maha Pushkaram. These are big and glorious ancient temples that one should visit in their lives.

1. Sri Vadaranyeswarar Temple
2. Sri Parmimala Rangathar Temple
3. Sri Mayuranathar Temple

There are also quite a few temples next to Thula Kattam itself like the Managala Vinayagar temple, Cauvery Matha Temple, Kasi Viswanatha temple, Kedarnath temple, etc.  I believe some of these deities were discovered couple of months back during the digging and construction of Thula Kattam wells. These are relatively small temples and can be visited after doing Thula Kattam Snanam. Doing Bhagawan Japam, Dhanam, etc. on this kshethrams during this time will accrue multitude of Punniyams than normal.

For folks who cannot make it, please do darisanam of the one minute video below that Adiyen took at Mayiladuthurai yesterday. You can do Manaseeka Snaanam and pray to Periyava to give whatever Punniyam he decides to 🙂 Rama Rama


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