Gurukeerthi Pracharamani award to Sri P.Swaminathan

Our hearty congratulations to Sri P.S for well-deserved award by Kanchi acharyas….Let your guru keerthi pracharams continue!



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6 replies

  1. I request all of you to drop this topic. I posted this to convey our appreciation to what he is doing and the well-deserved recognition from Sri Acharyas and NOT to get criticized..

    PS Sir – My apologies on behalf of all of us here. You have Acharyas’ blessings in abundance and continue your great service….

  2. Is he wearing a black shirt? Certainly the black shirt should be avoided. Dress code must be followed while approaching Acharyas.

  3. We shall not pass judgements on others.
    We have no right or authority.
    If we still pass it shows the person’s desire to show his superiority which is really not there.
    A dpvotee

  4. Sri Swaminathan deserves this award. But receiving from the Acaryas directly in progress person needs some dress code as our sastras/elders followed. Many will agree to this view.

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