Mooka Saaram by Sri Deviprasad


Thanks to Sri Prasad for sharing this wonderful work.

Reading the script in its original form is the best way. However if the language comes in the way from enjoying the beauty of the words and meaning, we need an equivalent work in native language to understand. Mooka Pancha Shathi is one of the finest works as we all know. Sri Prasad had taken select verses as said my Mahaperiyava and delivered Tamil equivalent of those verses. He has given, the Sanskrit text, Tamil text and the meaning also. Beautiful work.

Following is his intro:

Periyava Charanam ! Sri Gurubhyo Namaha !

Sri Mookasaaram

‘Sri Mooka Pancha Shathi’ is a great sloka literature authored by Sri Mookasankarendra Saraswathi Swamigal (the 20th Acharya of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam) on the presiding deity of Kancheepuram, Sri Kamakshi.

‘Mooka’ means ‘dumb’ – the slokas were written by a ‘dumb’ boy who started singing the praise of Sri Kamakshi through this work. ‘Pancha Shathi’ means five hundreds. Yes, it’s a collection of 500 slokas with 5 ‘Sathakas’ – each containing 100 slokas.

Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal, who is revered as ‘Sri Maha Periyava’ , compiled 31 slokas from the great work and this compilation has come to be known as Sri Mookasaaram – the essence of Mooka Pancha Shathi.

Earlier, I had planned to translate at least few slokas from ‘Sri Mooka Pancha Shathi’ in Tamil poem form as ‘verses’. But was not sure of the slokas that I should select and hence the plan was delayed. The moment, I came to know about ‘Mookasaaram’ (through a link

shared on internet – thanks to Sri Sadashivabrahmhendra Bhakta Jana Samithi – Chennai – the publishers of the book), I decided to start working on the compilation and this book is the result of the efforts.

My sincere pranams to Sri Mooka Swamigal, the original author and Sri Maha Periyava, the compiler of the essence of the great work.

This book is structured in such a way that each sloka in Sanskrit version is followed by the sloka in Tamil letters, which is followed by a prosaic form of meaning of the sloka in essence.

The prosaic description is followed by the poetic form in Tamil to enable readers to appreciate the poetic presentation.

My thanks are due to my family members who cooperated and supported me in completing this work.

Sri Periyava Charanam ! Jaganmadha Kamakshi Charanam !



Click Mookasaram to download

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  1. Thanks for sending the stotram

  2. Where can I get this book?

  3. Excellent work done by resected Shri Sri Devi Prasad. I am interested to have printed hard copy of this work for distribution to my relatives. Where can I get this. Can I get the contact address of Shri Prasad

    • Pl. click ‘Mookasaram’ in the final line ‘Click Mookasaram to download’ and you will see the PDF file which can be downloadable. For printing and distrubution at your end, you need to get permission from the author, I believe. Pl. check it Sir.

      • Many thanks for your prompt reply. I have read the pdf, I do not want to print and distribute. I only wanted to know whether the printed har edition available for sale by the author. If not, please do not worry, Regards.

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