Guru Peyarchi 2017

Don’t worry – I am not going to write any astrological predictions here 🙂

19 Mahaperiyava as Dakshinamurthy 31122012

As we all know Guru transitioning to the next planet happened few days back. Next day was Pradosham if I am not wrong….I was talking to a friend in Chicago, who never misses to go to Aurora Balaji temple for pradoshams. I was originally planning to go but something came up and couldn’t go….I was asking about the crowd in the temple as it was a Sunday and normally more attendance is seen for events during the weekends. He was telling me that it was an OK crowd – not many people. However the temple was completely packed the day before for Guru peyarchi! This is in US – I am sure the situation is same in Tamilnadu also.

I don’t find anything particularly wrong with this….We all want to safeguard ourselves from ill-effects (for lack of better term) of planetary movements and do aradhana to respective devata, which is perfectly fine…Thronging to temples on those occasions only and skipping other important ones is strange!

Going back to Mahaperiyava’s words “the planets are doing their job.. In order to reduce the intensity of the effects, we need to seek support from Kamakshi or Parameswaran”.  For all of us, the lucky ones, who have a great fortune of having Periyava as our Ishta deivam, who is not just jagad guru but beyond planetary powers and who can save us.

Like Sri Pradosham mama says let us hold His feet firmly to sail through all the troubled water in this samsara!

Nochiyam Smt Rajalakshmi Mami always says “Periyava Paathuppa!”.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!



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  1. I think you forgot to weight the moral benefits of visiting this temple on consecutive days against its economic costs. Will people visit to Tirupathi or Kanchi from Chennai on consecutive days?

  2. The situation is worse in TamilNadu.
    I remember in one of His discourses, Mahaperiyavaa has said that the Arghyam we give during the Sandhyavandanam is the best Graha-Dosha-Shanthi.
    On another occasion He has said that regular chanting of Vishnu-Sahasranamam by all the family members together, will ensure that evil-planetary-influences are warded off.

    About 40-50 years back people did not attach so much importance to such ‘Peyarchi’s.
    I don’t remember of reading any astrological predictions on Guru/Rahu/Kethu peyarchi in any magazines during my school-days.
    No such predictions are huge corporate investments.

    Probably these latest changes are due to the rationalist-influences in Tamilnadu.
    Only Mahaperiyava should veer away the present generation from such things.

  3. Sandhyavandhanathil aathiyaadhi navagraha tharpanam miga sirandha aaradhanai. elaam iswara swaroopam

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