Nine ancient wells discovered in Cauvery Thula Ghatt

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Very interesting article shared by Smt. Mahalakshmi Mami. Many thanks to Shri. R. Sridhar for the translation. Rama Rama

Nine ancients wells discovered while digging the land near the Thula-Gattam – Surprised Citizens

People were astonished to see nine ancient wells discovered while digging  the land at the Thula-Gattam near Mayiladuthurai.

The Kaveri Maha-Pushkaram  is celebrated once in 144 years and this year it will be celebrated between 12th September  and 24th September.  To facilitate the devotees in  taking  Holy Bath during the Pushkaram in Kaveri River, huge water-tanks are being constructed near the Thula-Gattam at the cost of Rs 2 crores. Huge tanks measuring 100 metres in length and 17 Metres in breadth are being constructed at the Thula-Gattam with the help of Huge Machines.  While digging the earth near the Nandi-Temple, situated in the middle of the Kaveri River, 9 ancient wells were found at the depth of just 3 feet. The digging is now proceeding around those wells without causing any damage to these ancient structures. Plastic wastes were found inside these well which have now been removed and filled with sand. These wells could have been to earmark the river where the devotees would have taken the Holy Bath earlier.

The people say there could be several such ancient wells right from the banks of Thiru-Vazhundur to Dharumapuram. It is the belief of the Devotees that taking a Holy Bath at the Thula Gattam will confer happiness and also erase all our sins.  People living in various parts take bath in the rivers nearest to them for cleansing their sins. In course of time these rivers lose their purity and they come to the  Thula-Gattam to cleanse their impurity and return after regaining their lost glory.

These wells were constructed as an alternate to the rivers for taking Holy Bath. Further the Engineers involved in this work say that these wells could have been constructed by our ancestors to help in conserving the ground water level.

Now the work of constructing the water-tank is progressing well without disturbing these ancient wells. These ancient wells are now  drawing a lot of people who come to see and return after prostrating to these wells.

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