Important: Cauvery Pushkaranam – Sep 12 – 24, 2017


Dear Readers,

As you are all aware, this rare auspicious event is going to happen in the next 15 days. We have been posting about the significance of this event regularly. However, it seems that either the message has not reached or not taken seriously. HH Balaperiyava had specially sent direction to convey the importance through the blog so that we all participate AND attend this rare event. HH Balaperiyava had spoken in great length as part of His anugrahabashanam….Visit for more info – it has information even about vaideekas in Mayavaram etc to help you do necessary rituals.

For folks like me, who are outside, we long for participating in these rare events – unfortunately, it isn’t that easy to make trips to India with work commitments etc. For those who are in Tamilnadu, this is a great boon.. The ghats are right in your backyard!  Don’t miss this great opportunity! We take days off from work for various fun reason – this is a very rare and auspicious one – take a day off; drive to Mayavaram or other locations that are near you. Having a dip in Cauvery and doing all dhanams, tharpanams etc will give us all the punyams…..Specifically for those zodiac signs, it is even more beneficial.

Cauvery Pushkaranam Locations.png

I urge you all to read the articles posted here in the blog and actively participate in this event.

Here are two audio clips & a small video of  Sengalipuram Brahmasri Sundararama Dikshitar Vajpayee, who is an authority in sastra vishayams….Don’t miss the audios….

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!




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  1. Kindly give the contact address, email ID or telephone number of Sri. Brahmasri Sundararama vajpayee Deekshithar and oblige.

  2. I will verymuch attend on 17 the sep please guide me as where I can get help to do the thar Panama. Please send me all the relevant details

  3. Dear Mahesh,

    First, sincere thanks for spreading awareness on Kaveri Pushkaram. I have a question – since Kaveri originates in the State of Karnataka, are there similar spots in Karnataka where one can take a dip in Kaveri? Is there any way to relay this question to Sri Matham/HH Pudhu Periyiava or HH Bala Periyava and seek their advice. We live abroad and are likely to visit Bangalore/Karnataka during September – any advice you can provide will be immensely appreciated.


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