Bringing the glory back!

Saw this photo in some WhatsApp group….Thought of sharing….This is how India was and hopefully we could get the glory back, with Periyava anugraham!


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  1. lets go back to our ancient way of living according to the vedas;we will be glorius once more

  2. Seeing youngsters with a full life ahead of them is always joyful. The problem is how well they stay the course and how as elders , we help them. Children follow adults and we have to be their role model.

  3. Namaskaram

    Can someone help me in getting

    IN THE PRESENCE OF THE DIVINE VOL2 by Sujatha Vijayaraghavan in pdf formats each chapter about 12 to 14 in all

    The book was never published in print form.

    What is on the internet is just ch1 download and rest of chapters hosted on Scribid which is a paid service

    MAHAPERIYAVA lists the chapters and links to Scribid service


    K Srikanth

  4. What a sight? With veshti becoming a rarity even among elders, so nice to see children in dhoti. While on the subject of veda(Mr K Srinivasan ) are there any requests from organisationsfor contribution to veda teaching, goshalas? Please share.

  5. I am sure that MahaPeriawa is now with us.
    With His anugraha this patriosm coupled with vedic culture will grow.

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