Wrong doing and Punishment

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – We have read the Tamizh version of this incident. Here is the translated version. Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Hari for the share. Rama Rama

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Wrong-doing and Punishment

Periyava visited the house of a very rich and distinguished man in a village in Tanjore district, all of a sudden. It was a surprise visit and so arrangements had not been made to welcome Him.

Periyava did not wait for the members of the family to escort Him around the house, but walked through the courtyard, the hall, the corridor and looked around everywhere. Hearing of Periyava’s visit, the head of the family came rushing back home.

One room in the house had been locked. Periyava told the gentleman to unlock the door and show him the room. The gentleman hesitated to do so and stood there, looking confused. Periyava would not give up. He sat down outside the locked room.

The gentleman had no option but to open the locked room. Inside the locked room was their cook, who had been imprisoned on charges of theft. As soon as the door was opened, the man came running to Periyava and fell at His feet.

“I have done no wrong. These people are harassing me,” he said and wept pitiably. Periyava graciously sent for the goods the man was accused of stealing, to be brought from the Sri Matam. Half a measure of rice, a little tamarind fruit, some chillies and so on. Was it for this that such a harsh punishment was given?

“Don’t do such a thing again.” Periyava told the distinguished man and left the house. The gentleman fell at Periyava’s feet and sobbed in remorse.

Source: Maha Periyaval Darisana Anubhavangal

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  2. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Sankara/ Janakiraman, Nagapattinam

  3. Pity on those who send such incidents, completely unverifiable and unaccounted elsewhere, thinking that they are adding to Periyava’s glory!

    • Well, the source is mentioned as “Maha Periyaval Darisana Anubhavangal”. Would someone be able to tell which of the incidents mentioned in that book are actually verifiable and which are not ? I presume that if such a book on MahaPeriyava has been released , the publishers would have made some attempts to verify that the incidents did happen. Also these books are probably released with the Blessings of Kanchi Periyavas. Please see the below link on the efforts that have gone into making of such books :


      IMHO we should not be quick to dismiss such incidents as false unless we have adequate proof….I would in fact encourage people tending to dismiss such incidents to take some effort to prove that they are indeed right ! But they probably are not interested in that. Let us not be armchair critics.

  4. Here we go again !

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