Secularism by Swami Dayanandha Saraswathi

Thanks Arun for the share….Brilliant! Child-like laughs He has….Love the ending “ada paavigalaa ….” 🙂

Categories: Periyava TV

5 replies

  1. This is pure gold!!

  2. excellent views expressed, This is where all Hindus should unite and ensure our constitution is amended to make it Hindustan and give protection to Hinduism. That is a legal way of doing things.

  3. How many people can stand up like this and roar like a lion..? Really speaking the socalled Hindu majority has become minority community thanks to the appeasement policies of successive Govts. Don’t go no more beyond Tamizh Nadu for a classic case of Govt sponsored `secularism’ where Karunanithi will go and take Ganji for Ramdan fasting but will actually abuse Hindu Gods and Hindu customs and Hindu People. What a shame..what a shame…!

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