Secularism by Swami Dayanandha Saraswathi

Thanks Arun for the share….Brilliant! Child-like laughs He has….Love the ending “ada paavigalaa ….” 🙂

Categories: Periyava TV

5 replies

  1. How many people can stand up like this and roar like a lion..? Really speaking the socalled Hindu majority has become minority community thanks to the appeasement policies of successive Govts. Don’t go no more beyond Tamizh Nadu for a classic case of Govt sponsored `secularism’ where Karunanithi will go and take Ganji for Ramdan fasting but will actually abuse Hindu Gods and Hindu customs and Hindu People. What a shame..what a shame…!

  2. excellent views expressed, This is where all Hindus should unite and ensure our constitution is amended to make it Hindustan and give protection to Hinduism. That is a legal way of doing things.

  3. This is pure gold!!

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